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Auto clutch and other components of common cause failure

Clutch system's function is to ensure the engine and transmission smooth * joint and completely separate for the time being. Engagement is to produce friction torque, friction moment of separation refers to the lift. Clutch work frequently when driving, due to the sliding parts subject to wear, deformation or fracture and frictional moment decreases, causing clutch system problems.

In the clutch, often the main clutch pedal heavy, skid, incomplete separation (gear difficult), shaking, rushes, noise, etc. 1, and clutch device pedal heavy of problem phenomenon, reasons, test method and the maintenance problem phenomenon: foot clutch device pedal heavy, feet easy fatigue. relative Yu also other vehicles clutch device pedal force has obviously differences. problem reasons: (1) separation total pump Assembly: adjustment improper, pedal high, and no empty trip (2) from moving disc (friction tablets) Assembly: friction tablets wear volume big (wear to friction tablets rivet at) (3) clutch device total pump, and points pump, and separation pulled *, and separation bearing, issuing, movement not flexible. (4) the flywheel pressure plate face, wearing big (worn over 0.5mm). (5) separation refers to the excessive wear (refers to the end of circular-arc has worn), excessive bearing wear (thrust plane grinding of concave arc).