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Auto clutch and strict quality inspection qualified

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Car runs must be secure, because that would affect the safety of our drivers, for the use and installation of automobile clutch plate, do you have any different opinions? Check out our professional analysis.
Release lever height is consistent, if it was too low. Under the car struck separate fork, bearing front gently against the release lever on the inner surface, turn the clutch for a week for viewing, if separate inner end of the lever and release bearing contact is not at the same time, the separation of leverage highly inconsistent, should be adjusted. If the release lever that degree of consensus, still incomplete separation, check the lever height. Set the release lever to the same height, if completely separated, the original improper adjustments or wear what. Release lever adjustment, readjust the clutch pedal free travel. Still incomplete separation, it is necessary to remove clutch, check whether the driven plates reversed, whether the axial movement difficult, and driven plates with or without warping, release lever screw is loose, floating PIN is off.

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