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Between the clutch pressure plate problem

Clutch failure in many aspects, such as clutch slipping, power landing serious cannot start clutch respectively incomplete, can't shift, gear tooth box play teeth; clutch noise, which has a lot of ads, not one by one to tell.
Wearing parts of the clutch is a clutch, pressure plate is not easily broken. Main plate ablation plate breakage, profile harden, causing the clutch to slip. Plate crack, also refuses to accept the faults, and so on, city slipping, not separately, thriller, poor power transmission, noise, etc. Most of the car at the moment is the diaphragm spring clutch, pressure plate and the back cover is a whole, once the plate breakage, to change the Assembly.
Important clutch failure has driven disc warping, deformation or friction discs too thick, too thin, damage and erosion, exposed rivets, steel hardening and the gear hub broken off, tilt gear hub. Wear loose open, damping spring break and so on, respectively, these cities inspire clutch incomplete or abnormal sound of skidding or thriller, or symptoms.