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Clutch friction disc

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

As we all know, clutch friction plates are installed on top of the follower, but a lot of people will ask: why friction plate is installed on the driven disc above, there are a lot of people would ask, why the clutch friction plates does not install the clutch on the initiative? By huelsta now driven disc manufacturing experts to answer this question for everyone:

First of all, clutch driven plates and initiative is to transfer kinetic energy by friction between the disc, clutch friction plate installed on the platen, and clutch pressure plate installed on the active, tablet in the works and create friction and friction plate drive clutch driven plate work.

Second, if the friction plate installed on the active disk will not be able to disconnect the engine power output, therefore, can only install the clutch friction plates on the driven disc to cut off the power output on the driving wheels.

Once again, if the clutch friction plates are installed in the active component, you must press and springs and other parts are installed in clutch driven disk, which will result from the disc quality increases the inertia has been increased.

Finally, if the friction plate clutch is installed in the active piece, then later in the repair will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.