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Automotive Clutch In The Car To What Kind Of Role

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Refer to clutch now all know it! It is the most important part of the whole vehicle, so you know exactly what kind of role? I'll answer for you today!
1, guarantees a smooth start this is the primary function of the clutch. In front of the car started must, of course, before starting the engine. When starting the car, the car is completely quiescent state of gradual acceleration. If the transmission system (which links the whole car) with the rigid connection of the engine, transmission hung up, the car will suddenly go out, but it does not start. This is because when the car from rest to forward, has a lot of inertia, a ground on engine torque. Under the action of friction torque, engine speed fell sharply to the lowest stable speed at the transient time (General 300-500RPM), engine stall not working, of course, the car cannot start. Therefore, we need the help of clutches. After the engine start, the car before starting, the driver before stepping on the clutch pedal, clutch, engine and driveline disengaged, then transmission hanging files, and then gradually release the clutch pedal, the clutch gradually joining. In the process, the torque of the engine increases, it should at the same time gradually stepped on the accelerator pedal, which gradually increase to engine fuel supply, keep the engine speed at minimum steady speed, without stalling. 

Meanwhile, close level increases due to the engagement of the clutch, transmission system of engine to drive the wheels, the torque is gradually increased, to enough traction to overcome initial resistance, car starts from rest and exercise and gradually accelerated 2 and realize a smooth shift in the driving process, in order to adapt to changing driving conditions, often to replace the different gears in transmission system. Realization of gear-type transmission to change gears, pull gear or other gear mechanism, to make the original stalls launched a gear transmission, then make another stall gears into work. You must press the clutch pedal before shifting, interrupting power transmission, meshing pair of the original stalls out while new stall speed has been tending to the meshing of the meshing parts of synchronization, so enter the mesh can significantly reduce the impact of, achieving a smooth shift. 3, and prevent drive Department overload Dang car for emergency brake Shi, if no clutch device, is engine will for and drive Department rigid connection and sharply reduced speed, thus which all movement pieces will produced is big of inertia torque (its numerical may greatly over engine normal work Shi by issued of maximum twist from), on drive Department caused over its hosted capacity of load, and makes parts damaged. The clutch, you can rely on the clutch active part and the driven parts may result in relative motion to eliminate this danger. Therefore, we need clutches to limit the maximum torque by transmission system to ensure security. The clutch can be divided into: friction clutch, or using liquid as a transmission medium (fluid coupling), or magnetic drive (that is, electromagnetic clutch)