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Characteristics Of Clutch BEARING Clutch

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

The clutch bearing is based on cold-rolled steel plate, at least one spherical bronze powder layer is sintered above the matrix, and a layer of lead-free plastic working layer consisting of PTFE and unleaded filler is rolled and sintered on the spherical bronze powder layer, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing and a lead-free three-layer composite material is formed. The fused state between the substrate and the spherical bronze powder layer, and the material of the spherical bronze powder is usually fqsn8-3, Its thickness is 0.20mm~0.35mm, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing the thickness of the lead-free three-layer composite is in 1mm~2.5mm range, and a new type of automobile clutch bearing with open seam is manufactured by the common-known rolling process; it has the features of maintenance-free, low friction, wear-resisting and pollution-free, As a substitute for traditional automotive clutch powder metallurgy bearings and similar products abroad, the realization of the automotive key components of the localization of innovative products.

Clutch bearings work, the strength of the clutch pedal will be transmitted to the clutch bearing. The clutch bearing is shifted to the center of the clutch disc so that the disc is pushed away from the clutch piece, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing separating the clutch piece from the flywheel. When the clutch pedal is loosened, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing the spring pressure in the pressure plate pushes the disc forward, presses the clutch piece, separates the clutch and clutch bearings, and completes a working cycle.

Clutch bearings mainly by the inner ring, wave-shaped gasket, seal ring, steel ball, cage, outer ring, hook ring, the liner, the slide sleeve and the dust-proof felt ring are composed, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing the steel ball is mounted in the cage pocket hole, the cage bottom is placed in the outer ring, the sealing trap is in the outer circle, and the sealing ring is connected with the outer ring through the binding; The wave-shaped gasket is mounted on the hook ring, the sealing ring and the outer ring, the cage, the steel ball assembly in the hook ring, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing through the hook ring and the sliding sleeve connection; The dust-proof felt trap is placed on the liner and the inner ring is mounted inside the assembly. The beneficial effect of the utility model is that the clutch bearing has the advantages of high rotational speed, low noise, good sealing and long life.