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Clutch Bearing Performance Requirements

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 30, 2017

Clutch bearing characteristics

A, clutch bearings for the second generation of self-aligning function, reducing the clutch system vibration, noise, improve the stability, while improving the bearing life.

B, clutch bearings using labyrinth seal design, can adapt to high temperature, high speed, dust environment.

Clutch bearings are a more important part of the car, if the maintenance is not good failure, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing not only will cause economic losses, and disassembly a very troublesome, need to spend a lot of hours. Therefore, to clarify the reasons for the failure of the clutch bearing, and in the use of reasonable maintenance and maintenance, to extend the life of the separation of bearings, improve labor productivity, and achieved good economic benefits are of great significance. Relevant standards refer to "JB / T5312-2001 automotive clutch bearings and their units".

The clutch bearing is mounted between the clutch and the transmission, the release bearing is loosely fitted on the tubular extension of the first shaft bearing cap of the transmission, and the shoulder of the release bearing is always abutted against the separation fork by the return spring and retracted to the last position, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing And the separation of the end of the lever (separation means) to maintain a gap of about 3 ~ 4mm.

As the clutch pressure plate, the separation lever and the engine crankshaft synchronous operation, and the separation fork can only move along the clutch output shaft, directly with the separation fork to pull the separation lever is clearly not through the separation of bearings can make the separation of the side of the lever The clutch output shaft moves axially to ensure that the clutch is able to engage smoothly, separates soft, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing reduces wear and extends the life of the clutch and the entire drive train.

3 performance requirements

Clutch bearing movement should be flexible, no sharp sound or stuck phenomenon, the axial clearance shall not exceed 0.60mm, the inner ring wear shall not exceed 0.30mm.

4 fault judgment

If the clutch bearing does not meet the above requirements, it is considered a failure. After the failure, first of all to determine what kind of phenomenon is detached bearing damage. When the engine starts to lighten the clutch pedal, when the free stroke just eliminated, the "rust" or "creak" sound, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing continue to step on the clutch pedal, if the sound disappears, it is not a separation bearing problem, if there is still sound, ring.

Check, you can remove the clutch bottom cover, and then depress a little acceleration pedal, slightly increase the engine speed. If the sound has increased, can observe whether the Mars. If Mars, then the clutch bearing damage. If Mars is a wave of outflow, indicating that the separation of bearing ball broken. If there is no fire, but the metal broken sound, indicating excessive wear.