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Clutch Bearings Are Designed With Labyrinth Seals

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Clutch bearing ---- features

A, clutch bearings for the second generation of self-aligning function, reducing the clutch system vibration, noise, improve the stability, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing while improving the bearing life.

B, clutch bearings using labyrinth seal design, can adapt to high temperature, high speed, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing dust environment.

Clutch bearing works

When the clutch bearing is engaged, the force of the clutch pedal is transmitted to the clutch bearing. The clutch bearing is moved toward the center of the clutch platen so that the platen is pushed away from the clutch plate to separate the clutch plate from the flywheel. When the clutch pedal is released, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing the spring pressure in the platen will push the platen forward and press against the clutch plate to separate the clutch and clutch bearings to complete a working cycle.

The clutch bearing is mounted between the clutch platen and the clutch fork, fixed to the clutch fork with a retainer. Did not step on the clutch pedal, the clutch fork in place, do not move the separation of bearings. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch fork is moved accordingly, the release bearing is pushed toward the platen and continues to press the platen to deform the platen, thereby releasing the clutched clutch plate, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing interrupting the flywheel and shifting Box input shaft torque transmission, in order to shift. Clutch bearing bearing the role of the clutch is to split the fork into the direct action into a rotating action, otherwise the fork can not directly contact with the rotating pressure plate.