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Clutch Bearings Are Installed

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

Clutch bearing is a bearing (commonly known as clutch ball plate), its role is to depress the clutch pedal to withstand the spring thrust plate or drive plate to move the clutch shell direction, that is, when the clutch pedal The separation lever is used to overcome the thrust of the platen spring to complete the separation of the clutch.

The clutch lever is rotated together with the press plate and the operating mechanism associated with the clutch pedal can not be rotated. Chinese Clutch Release Bearing To accommodate the different operating conditions between the two, a thrust bearing is used to reduce friction and wear.

If the separation of the bearing due to lack of sliding oil and slippage, it will not only produce abnormal sound, but also make the separation force of the separation column increased Al loss, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing the clutch pedal volume of the effective way to start the smaller. Clutch plate and the tablet is not completely out of the shift will produce abnormal sound, the separation rod wear will cause the pressure plate to start uneven or not complete, driven and driven each other, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing and finally caused to change the block

It is a clutch bearing, by the fork toggle.

Clutch bearing works

1, slope and roller design

The slope and roller type one-way clutch are basically composed of a cylindrical inner diameter outer ring, a sloped inner ring and a set of rollers which are respectively subjected to spring force and are in close contact with the inner and outer rings, respectively. Chinese Clutch Release Bearing As long as the rotation of one of the raceways in the direction of its movement affects the other, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing this arrangement essentially ensures the immediacy of transcending speed and ensures immediate drive capability.

The use of this type of one-way clutch can be suitable for a variety of environments beyond, indexing and reverse use.

When used as a one-way clutch, the sloped roller type one-way clutch will be installed in this way, that is, the outer ring as a transcendental component. Chinese Clutch Release Bearing This is very important for high speed transcendence. In the use of the inner ring, the centrifugal force acting on the roller will result in a beyond speed.

When used as an anti-one-way clutch, only the inner ring-mounted ramp roller type one-way clutch is suitable for relatively low speed. Chinese Clutch Release Bearing If the required speed is higher than the recommended speed, it is recommended to use a wedge type one-way clutch.

When used as an indexed one-way clutch, the outer ring is often seen as a swing element, and the inner ring is often seen as a component. Otherwise, the inertia of the rollers and springs will cause errors, especially at high frequency indexing. The use of diluted lubricants and powerful springs provides high accuracy and high quality for high speed indexing.