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Clutch Bearings Working Conditions Require Strict

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Characteristics of clutch BEARING

A, clutch bearings for the second generation of self-aligning function, reducing the clutch system vibration, noise, improve the smoothness, while improving the life of the bearing.

b, clutch bearings using labyrinth seal design, can adapt to high temperature, high-speed, dust environment.

Clutch bearings, strict working conditions and poor working environment are the key components that affect the quality of automotive air conditioners.

Although the bearing accuracy level requirements are not high, but generally reflect the difficulty of production, such as bearing sealing effect is poor, bearing assembly clearance is difficult to meet the requirements, clearance rate is low, processing costs and other issues. Many manufacturers have not properly mastered the bearing of the calculation method, in order to meet the requirements of clearance ratio, the use of strict product design, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing precision-grade bearing production, resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of products.

Because of the high added value of the bearing, in order to speed up the localization process of the bearing, the research results of the clutch bearing research and development project are mainly focused on some key manufacturing processes due to space limitation. In order to ensure satisfactory performance, due to the characteristics of the internal structure of the bearing, the axial clearance g is restricted by many factors, in addition to a single row ball bearings, and the inner, outer ring diameter, groove curvature and the diameter of the steel ball, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing but also with two groove of the groove, and also need to consider the gap between the two ditch, because more than one ditch and more constraints, increased processing difficulty.

Many bearing manufacturers have reflected that the bearing's axial clearance rate is low and the production cost is high. Since the bearing is a double row angular contact ball bearing, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing there is no such bearing in the traditional 10 kinds of bearings, so it is a key technology for the bearing to find a reasonable and economical method to improve the bearing's sleeve rate.

It should be noted that the variation of the axial clearance of the bearing is often mistaken for the radial clearance of each groove, even think which ditch clearance radial matching amount of small to the calculation, in this way, under the guidance of the Assembly, the two trenches need to be calculated to close the set, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing become very troublesome, poor operability. The variation of the axial clearance of the bearing is related to the average deviation of the radial matching amount of the clearance of the two groove, without the need to consider the two-ditch clearance radial matching, so that the two-row groove problem into a ditch diameter problem, so as to solve the problem of loading and matching sets of trouble.