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Clutch Can Be Divided Into Control And Automatics

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Clutch is the most important part of the whole vehicle, if there is no clutch the motor will not run, let me introduce you to clutch are also those parts!
Clutch variety, according to the nature of the work can be divided into: ① manipulating clutch. Its manipulation method has mechanical of, and electromagnetic of, and pneumatic of and liquid force of,, as embedded clutch device (through teeth, and tooth or key of embedded collection passed torque), and friction clutch (using friction passed torque), and air flexible clutch device (with compression air tire expansion shrink to manipulation friction pieces joint or separation of clutch device), and electromagnetic turned poor clutch device (with exciting current produced magnetic to passed torque), and magnetic powder clutch device (with exciting coil makes magnetic powder magnetization, formed magnetic powder chain to passed torque). ② Automatic clutch. With simple of mechanical method automatically completed joint or separate action, and is divided into security clutch device (Dang passed torque reached must value Shi drive shaft can automatically separation, to prevent overload, avoid machine in the important parts damaged), and centrifugal clutch device (Dang active axis of speed reached must value Shi, due to centrifugal force of role can makes drive shaft between itself joins or over a a speed Hou can itself separation), and directed clutch device (and called beyond clutch device, using ratchet-pawl of meshing or roll column, and wedge block of wedge tight role one-way passed movement or torque When the drive shaft reverses or when the speed is lower than the driven shaft, clutch automatically).