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Clutch Disc Is An Important Part Of Automobile

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

The effect of the clutch disc is to transmit the power of the engine to the gearbox when the two are combined. Friction plate is also called clutch disc, because in the clutch disk, through the friction clutch and the combination or clutch, is the important part of the clutch disk.

Clutch disc has three important functions: transmission power, power cut, prevent overload.

The pressure plate of the clutch disc is mounted on the flywheel of the engine and rotates with the engine; from the clutch disk (that is, the friction piece) through the flower keyway and the gearbox input shaft of the spline combination, when the friction piece rotates, the gearbox input shaft is rotated, Clutch Disc when the pressure plate in the spring action, pressure on the clutch plate, driving power; When the pressure plate under the clutch disk pedal, the pressure plate back, from the clutch disc there is no force, that is, separation state; If the clutch disc is lightly pressed, the spring of the disc does not all function, This is half clutch, also called half linkage.

The clutch disc has three main functions:

1, ensure the smooth start of the car

This is the primary function of the clutch disc. Before a car starts, it is natural to start the engine. When the car started, the car was gradually accelerated from a completely stationary state. If the transmission system (which is connected to the entire car) is rigidly linked to the engine, Clutch Disc the transmission will suddenly go forward, but it won't start.

Automobile clutch disk Separate fork

2, prevent the transmission system overload

When the car is in emergency braking, if there is no clutch disk, the engine will be due to the rigid connection with the transmission system, the rapid reduction of speed, therefore, all the moving parts will produce a great inertia torque (the numerical value may greatly exceed the maximum torque emitted by the engine when it works), and the drive system causes more load than its carrying capacity, which causes the mechanical damage. Clutch Disc With a clutch disk, it is possible to eliminate this danger by relying on the relative movement between the active part of the clutch disk and the moving part.

3, to achieve smooth shift

In the course of automobile driving, in order to adapt to the changing driving conditions, the transmission system often needs to replace different gear. Clutch Disc The realization gear transmission's shift, generally is moves the gear or other hangs the gear mechanism, causes the original use gear pair to launch the transmission, then causes another gear pair to enter the work.

After understanding the effect of the clutch disc, what should be noticed when the clutch disk is used?

(1) Do not step on the clutch.

The clutch disc on the car is in a tight joint state when the drive is in normal operation, and the clutch disc should not slip. The separation of the clutch disc is controlled by stepping on the clutch disk pedal. When driving in addition to the car, change gears and low-speed brakes need to step on the clutch disk pedal, the other time do not have nothing on the clutch disk pedal.

(2) The correct operation at the start.

Start when the clutch disk pedal operation is "one fast, two slow, three linkage" before the start, it is best to try one foot clutch disk pedal, experience the clutch disk pedal free travel, Clutch Disc work trip and pedal foot sense.

(3) Correct operation when shifting gears.

When changing gears in the force, the clutch disk pedal should be quickly stepped down and lifted, do not appear half linkage phenomenon, otherwise, will accelerate the clutch disk wear, operation attention and throttle coordination.

(4) Correct use of brakes.

In the car, in addition to Low-speed (20km/h above) brake parking need to step on the clutch disk pedal, any other circumstances under the brakes do not step on the clutch disk pedal. Because the car in the middle and high speed braking, the clutch disk pedal to improve the braking ability of the car is no help, but also to the safety of the driving danger.