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Clutch Disc Repair Method

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Clutch disc brakes are widely used with spring-loaded friction clutches (referred to as friction clutches). The torque generated by the engine, through the flywheel and pressure plate and driven plate friction surface contact, pass to the drive plate. When the driver depresses the clutch pedal, Clutch Disc through the transmission of the machine, so that the large end of the diaphragm spring driven by the pressure plate, then the driven part of the active part of the separation.

The clutch plate has a friction plate, like the brake pads on the wheel, is very wear-resistant asbestos and copper wire, the pressure plate friction plate also has the minimum thickness allowed, Clutch Disc the mileage is long, the pressure on the pressure plate The film should be replaced. The original friction plate replacement can buy spare parts to replace their own, and now are already installed to buy a friction plate pressure plate sub-assembly, do not have their own friction plate, and directly for the clutch plate on it. Clutch Disc In order to reduce the loss of the clutch plate, there is a correct way to use the clutch pedal. It is not half step on the clutch pedal. So that the clutch plate is in a semi-clutch state, that is, Frisbee and pressure plate in the state of friction. If the clutch pedal is fully depressed, the flywheel and clutch plate are fully cut and there is no friction between the two. Clutch Disc If the clutch pedal is fully lifted, the flywheel and the clutch plate are fully engaged, although there is friction, but there is basically no friction. So that the clutch pedal can not be pressed to half the state.

So how is the clutch plate overhaul? Clutch disc repair methods and requirements are as follows:

1) Clutch plate face plane error should not be greater than 0.12mm, the groove depth should not be greater than 0.50mm, too deep, should be grinding on the surface grinding machine, Clutch Disc but the grinding thickness should not be greater than 1mm. If the size of the grinding thickness has arrived, there is still a small amount of flat surface is not polished, as long as the unmasked area is not greater than 10%, and the distribution is uniform, can continue to use.

2) pressure plate should be carried out after the balance test, Clutch Disc imbalance error should not be greater than If the tolerance is too much, drilling method can be used in the appropriate part of the pressure plate drilling, so that the balance to meet the requirements.

3) The gap between the drive pin hole and the drive pin of the medium pressure plate of the two-piece clutch should be no more than 1mm, and the drive pin can be changed to 90 °. Otherwise it should be with repair or replacement.

4) If the pressure plate has a serious aging, cracking phenomenon, and wear groove depth greater than 0.50mm above, should be replaced with new pieces.