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Clutch Long-for Once, Did Your Clutch Plates For

Clutch how important everyone is aware of. Even if friends don't understand cars, should also read news, automobile accidents often caused by failure of the clutch is alarming. Since the clutch is so important, once the clutch plate how long? When replacing the most suited? What brand of clutch disc quality guaranteed? Please learn together with small series.
Clutch function
First of all, we know the function of what are the main clutch, known function, in order to better understand its importance.

1. make the car a smooth start

Start using the clutch for the time being to separate the engine and transmission, then the clutch gradually joined, due to the clutch of active part and there is friction between moving parts, you can make out of clutch torque increases from zero, increasing while the driver of the car, giving the car a smooth start.

2. Prevention of transmission system overload

Wheel sharp slow-down transmission attached to the engine due to the rotational inertia, still keep their original speed driveline parts easy to damage. Clutch is transmitting torque by friction, so when the transmission system load over friction within the transmissible torque, clutch master, slave part automatically slip, which played a role in preventing transmission system overload.