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Clutch Release Bearing Ensures That The Clutch Is Able To Engage Smoothly

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Clutch release bearing is an important part of the car, installed between the clutch and the transmission, because the clutch pressure plate, separation lever and the engine crankshaft synchronous operation, in order to ensure that the clutch can be joined smoothly, the separation of soft, reduce wear, extend the clutch and the entire transmission system service life, The separation lever is required to rotate one side of the clutch output shaft axially by separating the bearing. Clutch release bearing disassembly is more complex, time-consuming, Clutch Release Bearing the selection of high reliability, quality assured bearings, and in the use of reasonable maintenance and maintenance, can extend the bearing life, improve the user's economic benefits.

The clutch release bearing is mounted between the clutch pressure plate and the clutch fork, and the clutch fork is fastened with the card spring. Without stepping on the clutch pedal, Clutch Release Bearing the clutch fork is not moving and the separating bearing is not moving. When stepping on the clutch pedal, the clutch fork for the corresponding movement, the separation of the bearings to the pressure plate and continue to squeeze the pressure plate to make the pressure plate toothed steel plate deformation, thereby releasing the clutch plate tightly pressed, Clutch Release Bearing interrupt the flywheel and gearbox input shaft torque transmission, in order to change gears. The effect of the clutch release bearing is to make the clutch separating the fork directly into the rotating action, otherwise the fork cannot be directly contacted with the rotating pressure plate.

The clutch release bearing is a thrust bearing (commonly known as a clutch billiard disk), it is the role of the clutch pedal when the pressure to withstand the spring thrust plate or drive disk to the clutch cover shell direction, that is, the clutch pedal when the lifting lever to overcome the pressure plate spring thrust, to complete the clutch separation work.

The separation lever of the clutch is rotated along with the pressing plate, and the operating mechanism of the linkage with the clutch pedal cannot rotate, Clutch Release Bearing and in order to adapt to the different motion conditions between them, the thrust bearing is used to reduce the friction and wear.

If the separation of bearings due to lack of oil and loss of sliding, it will not only produce a different sound, but also to the separation rod by the force of the increase in Al loss, the clutch pedal starting plate of the effective process is getting smaller. The clutch piece and the press piece disengage from the incomplete when the shift will produce the abnormal sound, the separation rod wear will cause the platen to start uneven or not thoroughly, Clutch Release Bearing the actuation and from the movement mutually relates, finally causes the change not to be on the block.