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Clutch Release Bearing To Be Properly Maintained And Maintained

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Clutch release bearing is an important part of the car, if maintenance is not good failure, not only will cause economic loss, and disassembly of a considerable trouble, it takes a lot of work hours. Therefore, it is important to find out the cause of the failure of the clutch release bearing, Clutch Release Bearing and to maintain it reasonably in use, to prolong the life of the separating bearing, to improve the labor productivity, and to obtain better economic benefits.

I. Effect of CLUTCH release bearing

The clutch release bearing is arranged between the transmission in the clutch, and the separating bearing seat is loosely sheathed on the tubular extension part of the first shaft bearing cover of the transmission, Clutch Release Bearing and through the return spring the convex shoulder of the separating bearing is always offset to the separating fork and back to the final position, and the separation lever remains 2. The gap of around 5mm. Because the clutch platen, the separating lever and the engine crankshaft operate synchronously, the separation fork can only be moved along the shaft of the clutch output shaft, and the separation lever can be removed directly with the separating fork, which is obviously not possible by separating the lever to rotate one edge of the clutch output shaft axially to move, thus guaranteeing the clutch to be able to engage smoothly, separating the soft , Clutch Release Bearing reduce the wear, prolong the clutch and the whole transmission system service life.

Second, the clutch release bearing requirements clutch release bearing movement should be flexible, without sharp noise or stuck phenomenon, its axial clearance should not exceed 0. 60mm, Clutch Release Bearing the inner ring should not wear more than 0. 30mm.

III. Fault diagnosis and inspection of the broken bearings if the separation of the bearings is not up to the above requirements, it is considered a failure. After the failure, the first to determine which phenomenon belongs to the separation of bearing damage. After the start of the engine light on the clutch pedal, when the free trip has just been eliminated, the "rustle" sound, is the separation of bearing ring.

Check, can remove the clutch bottom cover, and then step on a little accelerator pedal, slightly improve the engine speed. If the noise increases, you can see if there is Mars. If there is Mars, Clutch Release Bearing the clutch release bearing damage. If the Mars is a strand of a strand, the separation of bearing ball broken. If there is no Mars, but there is a metal breaking sound, indicating excessive wear.

IV. Reasons for the damage of the clutch release bearing

1. The working condition of the clutch release bearing and the action of the force separating bearing in the process of using the axial load, the impact load and the radial centrifugal force of the high speed rotation, in addition, the reverse force of the fork thrust and the separating lever is not in the same line, Clutch Release Bearing but also forms the torsion moment. Clutch release bearing working conditions are poor, intermittent high-speed rotation and withstand high-speed friction, high temperature, poor lubrication conditions, no cooling conditions.

2. Clutch release bearing damage reason the damage of the clutch release bearing is closely related to the operator's operation and maintenance and adjustment, and the reasons for the damage are as follows:

1 overheating of the working temperature many drivers are turning or slowing down, often a half-step clutch, some of the gear is also placed on the clutch pedal; some vehicle free travel adjustment is too large, so that the clutch separation is not complete, in the half joint half separation state, this state causes dry friction and produce a large number of heat transfer to the separation bearing, The bearing is heated to a certain temperature, the butter melted or diluted flow, so that the separation of bearing temperature further increase, when the temperature reached a certain degree will burn.

2) lack of lubricating oil and wear clutch release bearing with butter lubrication, there are two ways to add butter, for 360111 separate bearings, should be maintained or removed when the transmission, the bearing of the back cover open to fill in the grease, and then the back cover can be fitted; for 788611K separate bearings, It can be disassembled and lowered in the melted grease in the leaching, after cooling out, Clutch Release Bearing can achieve the purpose of lubrication. In the actual work the driver is apt to overlook this point, causes the clutch to release the bearing to lack the oil. In the absence of lubrication or less lubrication in the case of the separation of bearing wear is often lubricated after the amount of wear is several times to dozens of times times. Clutch Release Bearing The increase in wear and tear, the temperature will also be greatly improved, so that more easily damaged.

3 The free travel is too small or too much load times according to the requirements, the general clutch release bearing and the separation lever between the clearance of 2. 5mm is more suitable, reflected in the clutch pedal on the free trip for 30-40mm, free travel too small or no free travel, will make the separation of the lever and the separation of bearings in a constant bonding state. According to the fatigue failure principle, the longer the bearing working time, the worse the damage condition, the more the load times, Clutch Release Bearing the more easily the fatigue damage can be caused by the separating bearing. And the longer the working time, the higher the temperature of the bearing, the more easily the burn loss, reducing the service life of the separation bearing. 4 In addition to the above three reasons, the separation of the lever adjustment is smooth, the separation of the bearing back spring is good, the damage to the separation of bearings has a great impact.

V. Problems needing attention in use

1 According to the operation stipulation, avoids the clutch to appear the half joint half separation condition, reduces the clutch use frequency.

2 pay attention to maintenance, regular or annual vetting repair and maintenance, Clutch Release Bearing with the cooking method to let the butter soaked, so that it has sufficient lubricant.

3 attention to the adjustment of the clutch separation lever, to ensure the resilience of spring in accordance with the provisions.

4 Adjust free travel to meet the requirements (30-40mm) to prevent free travel too large or too small.

5 Minimize the number of joints and separations and reduce the impact load.

6 light tread, easy, Clutch Release Bearing make it smoothly joint and separation.