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Clutch Shaft Structure Is Simple

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Clutch bearings include all parts between the clutch pedal and the release bearing. There are usually two basic forms of mechanical control mechanism and hydraulic control mechanism. Chinese Clutch Release Bearing In some large-scale vehicles, in order to make the clutch more portable effort, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing in the mechanical or hydraulic control mechanism on the basis of the increase in booster devices, as the pressure-assisted mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic push the oil and other forms of clutch control The Clutch bearing structure is simple, low manufacturing cost, less failure, but the mechanical efficiency is low, and tensile deformation will lead to excessive pedal stroke loss. Chinese Clutch Release Bearing Such as the liberation, Dongfeng and other vehicles are using this control device.

Clutch bearings mean they can be driven in one direction, but in the other direction beyond the movement. However, different models in the application will contain different load characteristics and require changes in the structural technical details of the clutch.

Therefore, the clutch bearing is divided into three categories originally intended to use the function, respectively, beyond, indexing and reverse.

1, beyond the one-way clutch bearings

This type of clutch is used in a variety of ways, Chinese Clutch Release Bearing mainly as a variety of mechanical devices to use the speed conversion.

2, the size of one-way clutch bearings

In this form of application, the reciprocating motion provided to the drive raceway is converted into intermittent movement on the driven raceway and in only one direction.

3, reverse one-way clutch

In the reverse use of a raceway is often installed in a relatively fixed ground on the device. The function of the one-way clutch is to allow connection to the other raceway and only in one direction and to prevent any rotating machinery in any direction in the opposite direction. Chinese Clutch Release Bearing Although this type of one-way clutch overtaken movement for most of the time, it provides a reversal like a conveyor belt, gear reduction and similar parts because its own function is to prevent reversal.