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Clutch Tray Use Precautions

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

I only clutch disk as an example to give you a unified name, the purpose of only one, that is, we communicate in the future convenient. Today to talk about the clutch plate pressure plate, the future to say clutch disc

One: the pressure plate of the push and pull

Clutch disc is actually the most important thing is composed of three things, namely "cover", "disk", "separation rod and spring".

Cover is generally two: one is stamping parts, one is casting.

"Disk" of course is to press the clutch disc with, and it needs to come with the clutch disc surface friction.

"Separation rod and spring" is divided into two forms, one is the traditional coil spring, one is the diaphragm spring. The coil spring needs to cooperate with the separation rod to work, and the diaphragm spring itself is both a spring and a lever.

Of course, Clutch Disc in accordance with the direction of movement of the fork, clutch disc is divided into push and pull. Strictly speaking, push or pull the distinction between the disc and the clutch is not directly related, but the pressure plate works in different ways. So we often say "push clutch disc" or "pull clutch disc" is not there, only with large holes or holes to distinguish more accurate. Clutch Disc Here we list six types of pressure plate.

1, stamping, diaphragms, push type (which is currently the most common form of pressure plate)

2, castings, diaphragms, push type

3, stamping, spiral, push (explosion-proof this argument is relative to the former cast iron cover inside the coil spring there is the risk of bursting, replaced by stamping after the lid does not exist, Clutch Disc all of the stamping cap + coil spring combination Known as "explosion-proof")

4, cast, spiral, push type (more traditional style)

5, stamping, diaphragms, pull type (currently the most mainstream form of pressure plate)

6, castings, spiral, pull type (used for engineering vehicles)

The role of the clutch plate is mainly three:

1, to ensure a smooth start of the car

This is the primary function of the clutch plate. Before the car starts, naturally start the engine. While the car starts, the car is gradually accelerating from a completely static state. If the driveline (which is in contact with the entire car) is rigidly connected to the engine, Clutch Disc the drive will suddenly rush forward, but it will not start.

Car clutch disc separation fork

2, to prevent the transmission line overload

When the vehicle is in emergency braking, if there is no clutch plate, the engine will be due to rigid connection with the drive and a sharp reduction in speed, so all the moving parts will produce a large inertia moment (the value may greatly exceed the normal work of the engine Issued the maximum torque), Clutch Disc the transmission system caused by more than its carrying capacity of the load, leaving the mechanical damage. With the clutch plate, it is possible to rely on the relative movement that may occur between the clutch plate drive and the driven part to eliminate this danger.

3, to achieve smooth shift

In the process of car driving, in order to adapt to changing driving conditions, the transmission system often have to change the different gear work. To achieve gearshift gear shift, usually toggle gears or other gears, so that the original gear of a gear through the drive, and then another gear into the work of the gear.

After understanding the role of the clutch plate, then the clutch plate in the course of what the attention of the matter?

(1) nothing to step on the clutch.

The clutch disc on the car is in a tight state when it is in normal driving, Clutch Disc and the clutch plate should not slip. And the separation of the clutch disc is controlled by stepping on the clutch disc pedal. In addition to the car in the car from the shift and low-speed brake need to step on the clutch disc pedal, the other time do not have to step on the clutch disc pedal.

(2) the correct operation at the start.

Start the clutch plate pedal operation essentials is "a fast, two slow, triple linkage" before starting, it is best to try a clutch disc pedal, experience the clutch pedal free travel, work stroke and pedal foot feeling.

(3) the correct operation when shifting.

In the shift in the force, the clutch plate pedal should be quickly depressed and lifted, do not appear semi-linkage phenomenon, otherwise, will accelerate the clutch disc wear, operation and attention with the throttle.

(4) the correct use of the brake.

In the car driving, in addition to low-speed (20km / h above) brake stop need to step on the clutch disc pedal, the other circumstances do not brake the clutch plate pedal. Because the car in the high speed brake, depressing the clutch pedal to improve the car's braking ability is no help, Clutch Disc but also to traffic safety hazards.