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Production For Clutch Cover 3482000553 For New VOLVO Truck FH4, FH13 E6

5000pcs clutch cover 3482000553 has been finished in the year of 2017. This clutch cover is used for new VOLVO truck FH4,FH13 E6,VOLVOFH400-540, RENAULT TRUCKS Magnum HP460, which are getting popular in Europe and South America. and American truck MACK is also using this clutch cover.   The OE No. is:MACK 21459173,NISSAN 21173120,RENAULT TRUCKS 20725526,RENAULT TRUCKS 7420812085,VOLVO 20806454,VOLVO 85000624,VOLVO 20484463. Diameter [mm]:430.  This clutch cover is for Heavy duty reach HP540 in VOLVO trucks.