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The Reason Why ETface Clutch Disc Is Strong And Durable...

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2017


Clutch Kits is the important part of transmission system, it plays an important role in driving, transmission and shift.

The hub is the important part of clutch disc, its quality and precision has a direct impact on clutch kits' whole performances.


Few customers would say hub has quality problems, while that's because they don't know it's the hub's problem when the clutch kits have trouble to work. So many customers misunderstand that hub is not important. After we interviewed with many service station and customers, we found out that the hub would has noises, wear and tear when used on especially heavy duty truck if without high-frequency heat treatment to ensure the surface hardness.

There are many disc's hubs from the market are without heat treatment, low hardness and poor wear-resistant. Will it provide long service life when used on heavy duty truck? Some factories might do simple heat treatment, but it's not enough.

For the clutch disc' hubs, We ETface not only use A-class raw materials and also must do high frequence heat treatment especially for touching part.


Before high-frequent heat treatment:



After high-frequent heat treatment:




So what's the advantages of high-frequent heat treatment when comparing with normal heat treatment?

1. There will be some fine cryptocrystalline martensite on the surface of hub after high-frequency quenching, hardness can reach around HRC50, lower brittleness and higher fatigue strength.

2. Anti-oxidation and decarburization after high frequent heat treatment.

So, with high-frequent heat treatment hub, our ETface clutch disc has more long service life, and less wear and tear when idling, shifting and driving.


After extra high-frequent heat treatment to the hub, not only can reduce the probability of damage of disc, but also guarantee the clutch kits could work for more longer life under overload and  frequent shifting.