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Why Choose Us?—about Cover-1

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2017

Performance test

ETFACE:The pressure force is 42325N, same as SACHS.

OTHER:It is 30490N. It is much lower than SACHS. It has no enough pressure force on the disc, which results in the heating and damage of the facing.


ETFACE:The material is 50CrVA, HRC 55-60 (Tip site). Which ensures the high pressure force and guarantee 1.5Million working times, that means at least 6 years working life.


OTHER:The material is 65M, no enough pressure force, after several months using, the pressure force will be declined, which results in slipping between the facing and pressure plate, and heating the facing, getting damaged.

Thickness of the cover

ETFACE:It is 7.3mm.  Same as SACHS and strong enough.


OTHER:It is 5.5mm.  not strong.

Material of the cover

ETFACE:08AL, same as SACHS, Stronger and no damage and no broken inside the material.


OTHER:No good quality material. It gets broken inside the material during the molding and pressing.

Not strong, easy to get broken when load and change shift.