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Why Choose Us?—about Disc-1

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2017

Steel disc material

ETFACE:Material: 65M with heat treatment, stronger and keep flat

OTHER:Material: 45#  no heat treatment, less strong, easy to get broken


Springs material and life

ETFACE:Material: 55CrSi, no broken, life for at least 7 years for perfect performance

OTHER:Material: 65M,or 60Si2Mn, easy to get broken, working time less than 6 Months


Facing material

ETFACE:Material: Raybestos and upon to the requirement from customers , durable, feel comfortable when drive

OTHER:Material: Bad material, less life time



ETFACE:The hardness for this parts is: HV500-600,with perfect heat treatment, the thickness of heat treatment is:0.2-0.4mm.

Strong enough to prevent the spring from coming out

OTHER:No heat treatment, result in the coming out of the spring