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Why Choose Us?—about Disc-2

Shanghai ET Auto Parts Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

Hub Heat treatment 

ETFACE:High Frequency Heat Treatment to ensure the surface hardness,to have long-life working

OTHER:No heat treatment。No long-life working

The thickness of the facing

ETFACE:Reach 3.85mm to have more using time

OTHER:less than 3.5mm

Confortable driving

ETFACE:With the damper springs, middle size damper springs and pre-damper springs. Ensure the confortable driving

OTHER:Just have the damper springs, no middle-size damper springs, no pre-damper springs.No confortable driving

Cushion segment


1. with the cushion segment  same as SACHS

2. with the wave on the cushion segment same as SACHS

3. material: 65M

Make sure feel soft and comfortable when change the shift during the driving


No cushion segment or no wave on the cushion segment

Feel uncomfortable when change the shift